Family Success

Back in 2008, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back and had a lack of flexibility.  I felt “locked up” all the time and couldn’t do the things in life that I enjoyed. My job required some physical labour and that was becoming a daily struggle as well. I refused to accept that I was limited and had to live with this pain forever so I decided to give it a shot.  My quality of life and health has improved greatly.  Now, there is NO task in my daily life that seems IMPOSSIBLE or DIFFICULT.  
Chasing my young son around, being involved in sports and working at my job are all possible because I have more energy, more flexibility and I am pain free! I am now BACK TO PLAYING RUGBY FULL-TIME AGAIN!  A year ago this would not have been possible. My advice to you is to try chiropractic and stick with it…it will take some time but in the end, the commitment is well worth it!!

I had been suffering from migraines most of my life, and had just had a baby in October 2011. I had constant pain in my neck and lower back and had no energy. I was tired and didn't feel good most of the time and knew at 35 years old, I shouldn't be feeling so horrible. I met Dr. Leesa in May 2012 and after our initial consultation and x-rays, Dr. Leesa told me I have degenerative disc disease in my neck. It was quite a shock to say the least but I was relieved to have found out and was now able to get the help I
needed. The pain in my neck and lower back greatly improved and I was feeling so much better! My fatigue lessened drastically and I hardly had any migraines! By this time it was summer, and I was out enjoying it with my son! What I love about Dr. Leesa is that it's not just about the chiropractic treatments... she really gave me the tools to do what I needed to do to feel better. She taught me stretches that I can do from home that have helped greatly to deal with my day to day pain. She really cares about how I'm feeling and genuinely wants me to feel the best I can. 

Severe, debilitating migraines

For the past two years I have dealt with severe, debilitating migraines. I woke up with them nearly twice a week every single week. They started to control my life. Since beginning chiropractic treatments with Dr. Leesa, I have gone from 1-2 migraines a week to most recently, only 1 in 3 weeks! Although my migraines aren’t completely gone (yet!), they are definitely improving. I wake up nearly every day feeling great, and that is something I haven’t  experienced in a long time. When I was dealing with my migraines, I missed full days of school, missed work and enjoyed less time with friends and family. I am so grateful to not be spending my days in pain vomiting, sleeping and in bed. I was super nervous to begin treatment as I had tried so many different options and felt very frustrated. I now know that I shouldn’t have been nervous and should have started treatments sooner. I am so grateful with the results so far and I can’t wait until I am completely rid of my migraines.   
Ali M. July 2014

Shoulder Pain

Before meeting Dr. Leesa, my shoulder pain varied from dull to almost EXCRUCIATING. Being an active individual and a full time Preschool teacher, I was never able to pinpoint the root of my pain. Whether it was picking up preschoolers, gym workouts or an aftermath from years of competitive dance, my lifestyle had definitely put a toll on my body. My shoulder pain began to interfere with the physical aspects of my job. I was no longer able to pick up upset children and lost the ability to engage with children freely during outdoor activities. My gym exercises became very limited, making workouts boring and sometimes gruelling. After two years of many anti-inflammatory prescriptions, visits to the hospital, and several unsuccessful massage therapy attempts, I decided it was time to seek an alternative solution for my constant shoulder pain. I took a friend’s advice, and am I ever glad I did! Dr. Leesa was able to successfully determine the cause of my shoulder pain through a detailed assessment and compiled a plan of action. With regular adjustments, step-by-step exercises and support from Dr. Leesa, I was able to correct my back problems, allowing my body to heal itself. Thanks to Dr. Leesa’s Chiropractic care, I am now STRONGER, more FLEXIBLE, BALANCED and PAIN FREE! I have been able to once again establish a consistent gym routine and it feels fantastic! I have overcome the physical challenges of my job and have been able to boost my immune system. MY ENERGY LEVELS HAVE INCREASED TREMENDOUSLY, making early mornings much more enjoyable. Now, instead of starting my day off with an anti-inflammatory in hopes of pain relief, I am now able to start my day off with some light yoga or a jog. Dr. Leesa has encouraged me to live a more natural lifestyle, and it has opened my eyes to the benefits of Chiropractic and natural healing. The staff is truly committed to the health and well-being of their patients. The friendly atmosphere and flexible appointment times make visits convenient and enjoyable. After each appointment, I walk out of the clinic with a sense of balance and relief. I am so thankful for the hard work of Dr. Leesa and her fantastic receptionist Amanda and I look forward to continuing my journey of well-being with their support.  Malinda M. March 2014 

Unable to walk long distances

My name is Frank and I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis in June 2009. I was suffering with pain in my legs and I had difficulty walking for any length of time.   I had poor posture.  

My wife is a patient of Dr. Leesa’s and she convinced me to give chiropractic a try.  Since I have been under  chiropractic care my health has improved a great deal. I am able to WALK FARTHER DISTANCES with LITTLE OR NO PAIN!   My posture is much better too!   My quality of life has improved!  I am able to cycle, ski, take vacations and go fishing.  I am even enjoying day to day chores without pain.  My wellness Chiropractic keeps me feeling great.   I would recommend Chiropractic Care to anyone who is suffering with pain or unable to walk due to a similar situation as mine.